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What could I expect as a Braddan Commissioner?

Successful candidates will have input into decisions that will affect the parish for many years to come. If elected as a Braddan Commissioner you will:   · Experience a wide variety of local issues   · Have direct influence on national issues, such as the All Island Strategic Plan, Local Authority Reform, Rating Reform, the […]

Why stand as a candidate for Braddan Commissioners?

Why stand as a candidate in Braddan? · Braddan is no longer “just” a rural parish · It is strategically sited just outside the island’s capital · Many businesses have relocated their headquarters to Braddan in recent years · Braddan is the centre of a recent expansion of retail, light industry and technology companies, attracted […]

Thinking of standing as a Commissioner in the forthcoming Local Elections on 22 July?

· There are no qualifications required to be a Commissioner but we would like Commissioners to bring with them enthusiasm, their own unique perspective and knowledge and an interest in the community, whilst being aware of the bigger political picture. · Being a Commissioner, although not a full time position, does still require a commitment […]

Thinking of standing as a Commissioner in the forthcoming Local Elections on 22 July?

What could you gain from becoming a Commissioner? We asked our existing Board members how they have found the role of Commissioner over the last 5 years: “Being a Commissioner is a bit like doing Jury duty, with an unusual mixture of people trying to come together in agreement, as representatives of society”. “I found […]

Local Elections – 22 July 2021

The next Local Authority General Election will be held on Thursday, July 22nd 2021. Prior to this, on 15 June 2021 the Department of Infrastructure will publish a notice of election, which will highlight the number of Commissioners (FIVE in Braddan) and will also set out the deadline dates people need to be aware of […]

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