Braddan Parish Commissioners has announced that it’s local authority rate for the next financial year will be set at 257p – an increase of 11.7%.

The domestic refuse charge has also increased by £6.00 (7.3%) to £88.00.

Mr Jessopp, Chairman commented:

“Given the economic climate over the past 12 months and the inflationary pressures currently being experienced, this was one of the most difficult rate setting exercises in a decade. We considered all of the costs for the forthcoming financial year over several meetings and weighed all the options available to us.

In common with other local authorities, there are many external costs outside our control which have seen significant increases over the last 12 months, including borrowing, staffing and refuse disposal costs.

For example, the increase in the domestic refuse charge is as a direct result of increase in the EFW gate fee of 7.2%, imposed by central government.

Additionally, the cost of Braddan’s contribution to the purchase and construction of the new Eastern Civic Amenity Site, currently being built, equates to a 4p increase in the rate (£25k). However, this is a much needed facility which will benefit everyone in the east of the island.

The Commissioners also continue to invest for the future in their new leisure facility near Nobles Hospital, now christened the Roundhouse.

The exciting new development will provide much needed modern leisure and health facilities for all ages and is due to open later this year”.

Mr Jessopp added – “The Roundhouse represents the largest investment our authority has ever undertaken and we are looking forward to moving there in Autumn 2023. Despite this large financial commitment to the parish, careful planning has meant that the impact on the rates has been kept to a minimum.

The Board, in coming to its decision, acknowledged the current financial pressures on sections of the island’s population, but felt it would be imprudent to set a lower rate knowing that it would in all likelihood, result in a shortfall in income, thereby just carrying over any increase to the following year.

The Commissioners are committed to investing in the services and facilities for the benefit of our community and are satisfied that the decision they have made still represents excellent value when compared to the level of rates in other places”.

Information Facts:

1p on the rate equates to £5,614.91 in income.

The average domestic property in the parish has a rateable value of £149:

2022-23 £342.70 pa £6.59 pw

2023-24 £382.93 pa £7.36 pw

An increase of £40.23 or just 77p per week.

Braddan Commissioners issue and collect their own rates, they have minimal rate arrears – the current rate arrears stand at £1,114 and we are continuing to pursue the outstanding debtors.

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Issued by Braddan Parish Commissioners on 31 January 2023.