Can you go a whole day without using a plastic bag? Go on, we dare you! Recently, one well-respected scientist announced that he saw plastic waste as being even more of a threat to mankind than climate change – and that’s saying something!

Plastic bags usually end up in the bin after only one or two uses, but they take money, energy and fossil fuel to make. So they pollute the environment even when they’re being MADE – never mind when they’re thrown away.

Zero Waste Mann will be organising ‘morsbag’ sessions later this year, a chance to use up your old material – curtains, duvet covers, whatever – to make useful, pretty and re-usable bags for your shopping. But for today, why not try saying ‘no thanks, I’ve got my own bag’ when offered one in the shop. Put a couple of spare bags in your car, if you drive, so you won’t be caught without one.  And if you manage the challenge, let us know!