Braddan Commissioners’ – Rates set for 2022/2023

Braddan Commissioners Rate set at 230p in the pound

At a meeting held on 24 January 2022, Braddan Commissioners set their Parish Rate at 230p in the pound.

However new for 2022, is the introduction of a fixed Refuse Charge of £82.00 which is the average cost per household across the parish of the disposal of domestic waste.

The Commissioners’ Chairman Andrew Jessopp stated by highlighting this cost, the Board hopes to encourage households to put less in their bin and make more use of the kerbside and green waste recycling services which are already provided. This charge follows the “polluter pays” principle and ratepayers can have a direct influence on future refuse costs by recycling more which will reduce the current disposal costs at the Energy from Waste Plant.

Mr Jessopp advised that the overall increase was as a result of:  an increase in things like the cost of disposal of waste at the Energy from Waste Plant, funds to defend against the inappropriate building on green field sites in the Parish, but also some major costs on things which will however greatly improve facilities for ratepayers. These included:-

  • Funding for the continuing construction of the leisure facility at the Strang, which is due for completion in the latter stages of the 2022-2023 financial year. The slightly delayed completion means we have not been able to include any income from this development in the forthcoming financial year
  • The Authority’s contribution toward the development of a new Household Waste Recycling Centre for the Eastern area at Middle Park.
  • The shared funding with Douglas Corporation and Zero Waste Mann, of an officer on a one year contract to promote recycling.

To put the increase into perspective, the new rate on a typical three bedroomed property would be £339.60 per year, an increase of £1.71 per week.

Mullen Doway Apartments in Union Mills

It’s a busy day for our housing staff today – 30 sets of keys are now ready to be distributed to the new tenants of our fantastic new apartments at Mullen Doway in Union Mills.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone moved in and enjoying their new homes 🏡

Public sector rents in the Isle of Man are set to rise by 2%, with effect from 1 April 2022

Public sector rents in the Isle of Man are set to rise by 2%, with effect from 1 April 2022.

The revised charges have been announced by the Department of Infrastructure following consultation with the Island’s 15 local housing authorities.

The rise has been carefully considered in light of ongoing economic pressure from the coronavirus pandemic and the rising cost of building and maintenance materials. The impacts of both factors continue to be felt and are affecting routine repairs and redevelopment projects.

Infrastructure Minister Tim Crookall MHK said:

‘The rising cost of maintenance is a concern for the local authorities and the Department as a whole, especially the housing team. The cost of materials for use in both general repairs and redevelopment projects continues to increase and provision must be made to accommodate this trend.’

Tenants who have their rental costs met by the Government as part of their income-assessed Social Security benefits will not be affected by the change.

Public sector tenants are reminded that help is available should they find themselves struggling to meet their financial obligations. In the first instance, they should contact their housing provider who may be able to assist them with a repayment plan.

Housing customers could also consider contacting the Social Security Division within the Treasury, where staff can provide advice regarding any financial assistance for which they may be eligible.


New Community Centre – Notice to Prospective Tenants

Braddan Parish Commissioners are seeking Expressions of Interest from persons wishing to enter into Heads of Agreement for the leasing of units at their family leisure development at Strang Corner Field which is due to be completed in January 2023.

The property includes a full size sports hall, suitable for sports such as five-a-side, badminton, netball and basketball and will be managed by the Commissioners.

The Units available lend themselves to a number of businesses but discussions could be held with those not on the list but meet their intended purpose of family centred or health related.

These areas would suit:

  • Coffee shop/eating establishment (for 100 covers)
  • Pharmacy
  • Soft play area
  • Gym and/or exercise studio
  • Optician and/or Therapy Suite
  • Dental Practice
  • Children’s nursery (up to 40 children)

There is sufficient time to discuss the internal layouts to meet the needs of the prospective tenants.

Detailed information about each of the units can be obtained from the Commissioners’ Office.

Expressions of Interest must be submitted by 5pm on Friday 15th October 2021.

J C Whiteway MBA
Braddan Parish Commissioners
Close Corran
Union Mills

Phone: 852808


Braddan Commissioners – new Board Members

L-R – Andy Morgan, Peter Scott, John Quaye, Andrew Jessopp & Neal Mellon

Braddan Commissioners held their Annual General Meeting on Thursday 5 August and are pleased to announce that Mr Andrew Jessopp was re elected as Chairman for the next Municipal year.

Mr Jessopp has served as Chairman to the Commissioners since May 2013.

Mr John Quaye was elected as Vice Chairman, taking over duties from the previous Vice Chairman, Miss Christina Corkill who has stood down.

Taking over the Chair, Mr Jessopp welcomed the two new Commissioners to the Authority, Mr Andrew Morgan and Mr Peter Scott.

The Chairman stated that the past year had been challenging, but:

“Despite the upheavals I reckon that in many ways the last year and half have been the most rewarding period of my time as a Braddan Commissioner, not least because everyone pulled together and worked damned hard to keep the show on the road for all our ongoing and planned projects. I think the previous board and their staff can justifiably be proud of their achievements during this difficult period.

So what have been a few of the highs during this period?

Well, without doubt top of the list has to be the commencement of the Strang Corner Field development which has been a long awaited day for me. There is still a mammoth amount of work to complete before it will be ready to welcome visitors, but it will surely be worth the wait.”