Press Release – Charles “Buster” Lewin loses appeal against High Court ruling

The Commissioners wish to advise that Charles “Buster”  Lewin has lost his appeal , against the High Court  decision  given earlier in the year, to dismiss  his claim for damages  against the Authority

The Commissioners wished to record their grateful thanks to the staff for enduring this very lengthy legal battle which has been ongoing since 2009, and to state that they will now do everything in their powers to recover the hefty legal costs expended on this unwarranted action taken by Mr Lewin.

They will be issuing further information in due course.

J C Whiteway MBA


2nd October 2014

Latest Planning Application List – Published 3 October 2014

For the latest list of planning applications please click here

As the IOM Government will  no longer be publishing the weekly planning application list in the papers from 10 October, you can view the latest list of planning applications at the Commissioners’ Office as well as online.

Don’t forget that the Commissioners are also sent a full copy of all applications in Braddan, complete with plans and correspondence which are available for the public to view.


Do you recycle as much as you could?

Do you recycle as much as you could? Today’s challenge is – to take a good, hard look at every item you’re about to bin, and see if it could for reclamation.

If you live in a kerbside collection area, you might like to refresh your memory on what can go into those lovely blue and green bins… can get all this information, and more, at the Recycle for Mann website here.

If you don’t have kerbside collection, you can still take all sorts of things to the various ‘bring banks’ around the island, or to the Amenity Site. After all, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure….

Bring your own bag!

Can you go a whole day without using a plastic bag? Go on, we dare you! Recently, one well-respected scientist announced that he saw plastic waste as being even more of a threat to mankind than climate change – and that’s saying something!

Plastic bags usually end up in the bin after only one or two uses, but they take money, energy and fossil fuel to make. So they pollute the environment even when they’re being MADE – never mind when they’re thrown away.

Zero Waste Mann will be organising ‘morsbag’ sessions later this year, a chance to use up your old material – curtains, duvet covers, whatever – to make useful, pretty and re-usable bags for your shopping. But for today, why not try saying ‘no thanks, I’ve got my own bag’ when offered one in the shop. Put a couple of spare bags in your car, if you drive, so you won’t be caught without one.  And if you manage the challenge, let us know!

For “Waste Less, Live More Tuesday”, we’re challenging you to shop mindfully

Do you find yourself binning good food at the end of the week, just because it didn’t get eaten and went off? Are you sometimes tempted by ‘Buy One Get One Free‘ offers, even though you don’t actually need the food? We’re challenging you to buy just what you need, no more – no less – and to use every scrap that you can.

Do you have any great recipes for using up leftovers? Please share them with us – we’ll put the best ones on our website so everyone can try them out!

This is a great place to start 🙂


Waste Superheroes required!

It’s Monday: the start of a new week. Why not kick it off by becoming a Waste Superhero!? Braddan Commissioners and Zero Waste Mann are looking for families or individuals to open up their wheelie bins, and show the contents. Yuk!

But there’s method in our madness – the challenge will be to see if you can cut your wheelie-bin usage, by recycling as much as is possible, thus helping the environment and at the same time earning money for the Parish (bonus!). Are you game? Go on, get in touch and let us see what you’ve got!

Movie Night in Union Mills

On Friday 26 September, Zero Waste Mann will be hosting a film screening, as part of Braddan Parish Commissioners’ “No Waste In Braddan” initiative. It’s at the Memorial Hall, on the main road, and it’s free to attend. The Zero Waste Mann team will also tell people about the year-long initiative, which aims to increase recycling rates in the Parish, and let them know how they can get involved.

The films being shown are The Story of Stuff, and The Story of Bottled Water, and they’re real eye-openers – fast paced, sharp and thought-provoking. Doors will open at 7pm, and the screening will start at 7.30pm. All are welcome to come (whether Braddan parishioners or not). There’s ample parking nearby and the number 5 and 6 buses will take you there from Douglas or Peel.

“Waste Less, Live More” Week

From Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th September, it’s “Waste Less, Live More” Week – a nation-wide challenge taking place across the UK – and Braddan parishioners are being invited to join in, as a part of the newly-launched “No Waste in Braddan” initiative.

You can find out more about the challenge heredownload-pack

Each day of the week, Braddan Commissioners will – via their website and Facebook page – be encouraging people to take actions that will cut down on needless waste, improve the environment we all live in, and – in most cases – deliver a dose of fun as well!

Why not check out the “Be Resourceful: Waste Less, Live More” website now and join up? You might be surprised what you can achieve!