Local Elections – 22 July 2021

The next Local Authority General Election will be held on Thursday, July 22nd 2021.

Prior to this, on 15 June 2021 the Department of Infrastructure will publish a notice of election, which will highlight the number of Commissioners (FIVE in Braddan) and will also set out the deadline dates people need to be aware of if intending to submit an absent vote.
Whether you are interested in standing as local authority member or wish to vote at the local authority general elections, the starting point is being on the register of electors.
The final date to register to vote is Friday 18 June 2021.
In Braddan, we need to elect FIVE people to fill the vacant seats on the Board of Commissioners this July. All candidates will serve for four years, until the next elections in 2025.
Nominations for the 5 seats on Braddan Parish Commissioners will close at 5pm on Tuesday 29th June 2021.
If you are interested in standing as a candidate in Braddan, please contact the Clerk, Colin Whiteway on 852808 or by email: colin@braddan.im

Alternatively, you may contact any of the existing Commissioners to talk about their experiences of being a board member. Contact details for all the current Commissioners can be found on our website: https://www.braddan.im/commissioners


Good news! We can now confirm that the recycling collection will resume from next week on Thursday 22 April.

To assist with the ease of collection can you please place your glass bottles in one container, mixed tin cans & plastic in another and lastly any paper and cardboard in a third.

We are anticipating significant quantities of material set out for collection, so would ask for your continued patience if your collection is delayed, please be assured that our contractor do their best to to catch up as quickly as possible.


Your new recycling calendar will be sent out next week with your rates bill so you will also have all the current details about what you can and can’t recycle etc.
If you need any more recycling boxes, please contact the Commissioners’ Office to arrange to collection.

Important Note: If any member of a household has tested positive, is symptomatic or awaiting test results, we kindly ask that you do not put your recycling boxes out for collection.

Recycling Suspended – Lockdown 3

May be an image of outdoors
Recycling Collections Suspended due to lockdown
Just a reminder to all Braddan residents that recycling collections are currently suspended due to the current lockdown, so there will not be a collection tomorrow.
– The recycling bring banks are still open, so if you are able to, please use them.
– If not, please consider storing your recycling until the kerbside collections resume, particularly the non burnable items such as glass/tins/cans/foil etc.
– Your new recycling calendar for 2021/2022 will be issued with your rates bill at the beginning of April.



If you believe you, or a member of your household have Covid 19, please take note of the following steps to protect our refuse contractors.

Cleaning and disposal of waste:

  • Use your usual household products, such as detergents and bleach, as these will be very effective at getting rid of the virus on surfaces.
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces. Personal waste (such as used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths can be stored securely within disposable rubbish bags.
  • These bags should be placed into a second bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste in the room in which you are self-isolating.
  • Keep all bagged waste aside for at least 72 hours before putting into your usual external household waste bin.
  • All waste must be bagged and inside the bin. No side waste will be collected throughout this crisis.

The most up to date and accurate health guidance on Covid-19 is available on the Government’s website:-




Following the announcement from the Chief Minister today, Braddan Commissioners would like to update residents on how they are going to manage the situation with regard to services:-

  • The fortnightly recycling collection has been suspended with immediate effect. We will advise residents when it recommences.
  • Domestic and Commercial Refuse collections will continue as normal but please ensure that your wheelie bin handles are cleaned prior to and after collection. Side waste will not be collected. Assisted collections will continue as normal.
  • All play areas will be closed with immediate effect.
  • The Commissioners’ Office Public counter has been closed with immediate effect. We have written out to all tenants directly affected by this today with alternative arrangements for rent payments.
  • The staff are working remotely and can be contacted by phone on 852808 or via email at braddan@braddan.im
  • Routine and non-urgent Public Sector Housing repairs are suspended with immediate effect. Only repairs assessed to be an emergency will be undertaken in line with our strict Covid working arrangements. If you require a repair, please continue to contact the Commissioners’ Office, please do not contact the contractor directly.
  • The Memorial Hall in Union Mills is no longer available to hire for the time being. We will contact anyone with a booking to arrange a refund.
  • Please ensure that 2m social distancing is always observed.

The most up to date and accurate health guidance on Covid-19 is available on the Government’s website:-




  • Do you have lots of ideas about how to improve your community?
  • Do you have the time to make a difference?
  • Do you enjoy debating important issues?

By serving as a Braddan Commissioner you can make your voice heard and influence decisions that will help shape the future of Braddan


Local Authority Elections will take place on Thursday 22 April 2021 and there are 5 vacant seats available on the Board of Braddan Commissioners.

To stand as a local authority member, you must appear on the Register of Electors as of 1st January 2021 — you do not have to be registered in the Constituency for which you are standing. To check you are registered, visit www.gov.im/registertovote  or call the Crown and Elections Unit on 685754.

The term of office is 4 years.

Nomination forms and information packs will be available in March 2021 for collection from Braddan Commissioners’ Office.

If you are over 18 and interested in standing, to find out more, you can:-

  • Attend Commissioners’ Meetings – generally held every two weeks.
  • Read the Agendas and minutes which are available at:- facebookfacebook.com/braddancommissioners and our website — www.braddan.im
  • Speak to one of our existing Commissioners to find out more about the role
  • Contact the Clerk to the Commissioners, Colin Whiteway on 852808 or colin@braddan.im


Elected members are required to attend regular Commissioners’ Meetings together with other meetings from time to time.

Board meetings may be held during working hours and rarely last longer than 4 hours. An attendance allowance can be claimed as follows:-

  • Daytime rate — £12.50 per hour (to a maximum of £50 per session
  • Evening rate – £7.50 per hour (to a maximum of £30 per session
  • The maximum allowance payable to a member per annum is £6,000
  • Travel allowance may also be claimed if agreed by the authority


 Refuse & recycling collection

  • Street-lighting
  • Housing
  • Car-parking
  • Street Cleaning
  • Gully emptying
  • Public conveniences
  • Public information and advice
  • Environmental health
  • Parks, playgrounds and other leisure facilities
  • Control of dogs
  • Hedge maintenance
  • Weed spraying
  • Street-cleaning
  • Planning
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Byelaw enforcement

All these activities are funded from the rates which are fixed by the Board of Commissioners each year.


  • Strang Corner Field Community Development
  • Allocation of tenants into new 30 unit housing development at Mullen Doway
  • Declaration of a Climate Change Emergency
  • Construction of public toilets in Cronk Grianagh Park
  • Recycling campaign

Braddan Commissioners’ Rates – 2021/2022

At a meeting on 28 January 2021, Braddan Commissioners agreed to set their rate for 2021/2022 at 224p in the pound.


2021 will be a notable year for Braddan with major investment in new schemes either commencing or coming to fruition whilst still maintaining, unchanged, all their other services, such as kerbside recycling, waste collection, street sweeping, hedge cutting and byelaw enforcement.


2021 will see the opening of their impressive new 30 unit housing block at Union Mills, and also the commencement, in April, of their £6.5m community centre at Strang Corner Field.


In addition, the board were also able to budget for further investment in the very popular Cronk Grianagh Park with the provision of a new toilet block and covered seating area. This will not just be of benefit to users of the recently refurbished playground and skatepark but also users of the Heritage Trail as it is the only facility between Douglas and Marown.


Their other major project for 2021/22 will be the total refurbishment of their much used playgrounds at Clybane and Snugborough.


The Commissioners’ Chairman, Andrew Jessopp stated:-


“Thanks to careful management, the board have been able to lower the rates gradually from their height of 230p in 2008/9 but, after many years in the planning, we now feel the time is right to invest in exciting, new facilities for the residents and ratepayers of Braddan.


Obviously the Board are always reluctant to increase the rates, even more so in light of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, however, we feel that the new facilities, including Strang Cornerfield, will be of huge benefit to the community; and are facilities that are currently lacking at present.


He added; “We believe the provision of a £6.5million community centre will represent excellent value for money for our ratepayers and will provide much needed extra facilities . It will include a multi-use sports hall and event venue, gym and yoga studio, chemist, dentist, coffee shop, nursery, children’s indoor soft play area, an outside playground and an extensive green area which incorporates an exercise track.


It will become a “centre” for Braddan and we are excited about the opportunities it will provide to expand our services to Braddan ratepayers.”