Secular Act of Remembrance – Sunday 11 November 2018 – 10.45am

Braddan Commissioners are holding a Secular Act of Remembrance on Sunday 11 November at 10.45am at the Memorial Hall in Union Mills.

The Two Minute Silence will be observed at 11am.

The Commissioners’ Chairman Mr Andrew Jessopp said “All are welcome to attend the event. Representatives from the Isle of Man Freethinkers will conduct a short ceremony of Remembrance. Light refreshments will be served afterwards.”

Braddan Commissioners have erected two silhouettes of WW1 soldiers in front of the Memorial Hall, together with 60 metal poppies; one to represent each of the 60 men from the Parish of Braddan who perished in the First and Second World Wars.

The setting of the Memorial Hall is particularly poignant as the Hall, which was built in 1903, has a brass plaque mounted above the entrance with the crest of the West Riding Regiment and the following inscription:-

“To the Beloved Memory


John Dalrymple Maitland. B.A.

2nd Lieut 9th Duke of Wellington’s Regiment

Who was killed in action at Boesinche near Ypres

On the 21st February 1916 aged 24 years

Only son of the Speaker of the House of Keys

Dalrymple Maitland J.P.C.P.

And great grandson of James Dalrymple

This tablet was erected by residents in Union Mills

And other friends.

“A noble manly life is ended”.”


Braddan Commissioners’ Wild Flower Verge

Braddan Commissioners experimented this year with planting an area with wild flower seed on a verge next to the Strang crossroads. After preparing the ground, the planting of the annual seed mix last spring, coincided with driest summer for years and they struggled initially.

Fortunately, the rain returned later in the summer and the flowers have since thrived.

Commissioners’ Chairman, Andrew Jessopp said “This is the first time the Authority have planted wild flower seed and we have been delighted with the results and huge amount of positive feedback from members of the public. The prominent nature of the site has meant the flowers have been a talking point all summer and are still in bloom now. The project is not just about enhancing the area, hopefully we have also attracted lots of insects and pollinators.”

The next stage will be to mow the whole area and prepare the ground again ready for planting next spring. Due to the success of the project, the Authority are going to extend it to another area in 2019 in the Isle of Man Business Park. The new location was chosen due to its proximity to offices and businesses and the Commissioners hope it will be as successful as the Strang.

The seed was obtained from Pictorial Meadows, a company part owned by the University of Sheffield, specialising in the development of wild flowers that thrive in garden soils.

Draft Area Plan for the East Consultation – 25 May 2018

The Draft Area Plan for the East Consultation has recently been released, being the next stage in the eventual production of the latest Area Plan for the East.

For the latest information regarding the process, please see this link for all the documentation relating to the Draft Area Plan.

If you wish to participate in the Consultation, please follow this link. The consultation period closes on 31 August 2018.

Braddan Commissioners will be holding a separate meeting to discuss this latest stage of the Draft Plan in detail and to formulate their own response to the Consultation.

Election of Braddan Commissioners’ Chairman and Vice Chairman

Andrew Jessopp                       Neil Mellon

Andrew Jessopp – Chairman              Neal Mellon – Vice Chairman

Braddan Commissioners are pleased to announce that at their AGM held on 3rd May 2018, the Board elected their existing Chairman, Mr Andrew Jessopp to the post for the next Municipal year.

Mr Jessopp has carried out the role of Chairman to the Commissioners since May 2013.

Mr Neal Mellon was elected as Vice Chairman for the first time, taking over duties from the previous Vice Chairman, Mr John Quaye.