Union Mills Bike Nest

Braddan Commissioners have partnered with the Department of Infrastructure to provide a Bike Nest in the Heritage Trail car park in Snugborough (adjacent to the housing estate) as part of the government’s Active Travel strategy.

The purpose of the Union Mills Bike Nest is to allow those commuting to Douglas from further afield to drive to Union Mills, park a motor vehicle for free at the site, and access their bicycle from the secure and lockable bike storage to then cycle into Douglas.

The Active Travel Strategy seeks to increase the number of people using active forms of travel on a regular basis such as walking and cycling to work. For a small refundable deposit of £10, active commuters to Douglas can store their bikes securely under cover at the Heritage Trail in Union Mills overnight, alleviating the need for the transporting of bikes back and forth from home each day.

There will be a Toucan crossing near the Quarterbridge roundabouts to assist cyclists with joining up with the cycle lane on Peel Road.

There are six keys available for the bike nest corresponding to the six spaces within.

All keys are issued by the Commissioners to specific individuals after checking their identity. This should assist in ensuring the lockers remain as secure as possible. The keys are security keys and cannot be cut without the key code. Nevertheless, we advise you to lock your bike to the wheel stand or lock the wheel to the frame so it cannot be ridden.

We understand that you may not cycle to work every day but we’re sure you will agree that the locker should be reserved for people who will regularly cycle in place of using a private car. Consequently, if you find you are not using the locker regularly we would ask you to return your key so that someone else may use the space. If you lose your key, please let us know. We may need to charge you for a replacement.

Application forms are available from our office and our website. For more information, please contact us.