Knox Cottage Oen Days - banner proof

Come and have a look at where Archibald Knox was born @ 39 Cronkbourne Village, TOMORROW, Friday 10 October 10-4pm as part of Manx National Heritage Open Days. There’s no need to book, just call in.

It’s an opportunity to have a look around the property and learn some more about Knox and his work and the fascinating history of Cronkbourne Village.

Continuing the Archibald Knox theme, Manx National Heritage have a ‘Celtic Style’ exhibition until next year at the House of Manannan commemorating the 150th anniversary of Knox’s birth. For more details please see this link.

The iMuseum has some interesting links to more information about Knox. About half way down this page.

Magnolia Box is a great source of Knox reproductions, they have over 100 here.