Draft Area Plan for the East Consultation – 25 May 2018

The Draft Area Plan for the East Consultation has recently been released, being the next stage in the eventual production of the latest Area Plan for the East.

For the latest information regarding the process, please see this link for all the documentation relating to the Draft Area Plan.

If you wish to participate in the Consultation, please follow this link. The consultation period closes on 31 August 2018.

Braddan Commissioners will be holding a separate meeting to discuss this latest stage of the Draft Plan in detail and to formulate their own response to the Consultation.

Election of Braddan Commissioners’ Chairman and Vice Chairman

Andrew Jessopp                       Neil Mellon

Andrew Jessopp – Chairman              Neal Mellon – Vice Chairman

Braddan Commissioners are pleased to announce that at their AGM held on 3rd May 2018, the Board elected their existing Chairman, Mr Andrew Jessopp to the post for the next Municipal year.

Mr Jessopp has carried out the role of Chairman to the Commissioners since May 2013.

Mr Neal Mellon was elected as Vice Chairman for the first time, taking over duties from the previous Vice Chairman, Mr John Quaye.