Refuse collection and recycling


    Household Collections

    Domestic collections are carried out on Tuesdays starting at 6am. Please ensure your bin is put out the night before.

    All domestic properties are supplied with one standard 240 litre wheelie bin free of charge.

    The collection service does not cover removal of building materials, bulky items such as furniture, hazardous waste, scrap metals, oils, soil or large amounts of garden waste.

    If the bin is too heavy it will not be emptied. A heavy bin is a health and safety risk to the collection operatives and it could damage the collection vehicles. Please do not overload your bin.

    Materials (also called side waste) left outside the bin will not be collected.

    Where a bin is damaged or become unusable due to wear and tear we will replace it free of charge.

    If you require a new wheelie bin or have any issues with your refuse collection please contact the Commissioners’ Office.

    Wheelie bins should be placed where the public highway begins and private land ends which is the edge of your curtilage. In the majority of cases, this will be where gates or drives meet the pavement and householders must ensure that an obstruction is avoided when placing their bins for collection.

    The collection point for properties with long drives will be at the point their drive meets the highway. Our refuse contractors will not enter onto private land unless a specific request has been approved for a special needs / assisted collection.

    Elderly and disabled householders may request assisted collections (forms can be obtained from the Commissioners’ Office). Where assisted collections are agreed then the refuse bin will be collected from and returned to its normal position by the refuse collectors, providing that safe access is available.

    Commercial Collections

    Commercial collections for businesses are generally carried out on Fridays from 6am. Businesses may request a weekly or twice weekly collection depending on the amount of waste that is produced. Additional collections will attract an additional collection charges.

    We offer several sizes of bin for commercial premises, ranging from 1100 litre to 240 litre.


    Annual refuse collection charge – There is an annual refuse collection charge which varies, depending on the size of the bin.

    Annual hire charge – There is an annual hire charge per bin which covers the cost of any replacement or repairs required throughout the life of the bin.

    Waste disposal charge – Each bin is weighed as it is collected and the data collected by the system on board the Collection Vehicle. This data is used to calculate the total weight of waste in kilograms.

    For full details of commercial refuse costs, please contact the Commissioners’ Office.


    Kerbside Recycling is carried out every other Thursday. Recycling boxes are available from the Commissioners’ Office.

    Unfortunately we are only able to provide the recycling service to domestic customers. The Commissioners would encourage all Braddan residents to take advantage of the kerbside recycling service as we are one of the very few authorities that provide it.

    For more information, including collection dates and what you can recycle, please see our latest Recycling Leaflet for the 2022/2023 financial year.

    We now accept brown cardboard in your fortnightly recycling collection. If you require an extra recycling box, they are available from the Commissioners’ Office.

    Bring Banks are located at the entrance to Union Mills Industrial Estate (opposite the Spar Shop) and at the rear of the Commissioners’ Office, both of these sites include textiles recycling.

    Green Waste We would request that you do not put green waste in your wheelie bin as it tends to be heavy and bulky. If you are unable to compost it, please take it to the Eastern Household Waste Recycling Centre.

    Please use this service instead of depositing grass cuttings in your general waste bin. Burning garden waste is expensive due to the weight and does nothing to help the environment.

    A refuse vehicle will be in the car park at Braddan School on Saturday lunchtimes from 11.30 to 1.30 to collect your green waste. It is then taken away and recycled into compost.

    You may be asked for proof of address. We will accept:-

    • grass cuttings, hedge clippings, raw vegetable peelings etc
    • Please, no trees or branches or cooked food items.
    • Please use the entrance and exit to the school car park to avoid congestion.


    Saturdays – 11.30am – 1pm

    • 30th April
    • 14th May
    • 28th May
    • 18th June
    • 2nd July
    • 16th July
    • 30th July
    • 13th August
    • 3rd September
    • 17th September

    For other items, including green waste, Braddan residents are able to use the Eastern Household Waste Recycling Centre at Middle River in Pulrose.

    To see exactly what you can recycle at Recycling Centre, please see this link.


    Please report any incidents of fly tipping to the Commissioners’ Office. 


    The Centre is available for the disposal of bulky household items of waste, and is located at Middle River Industrial Estate in Pulrose.

    Disposal charges apply for the following items (prices are correct as at 1 April 2020):

    Under counter fridge up to 50kg – £15.00;

    • Chest fridge/freezer up to 100kg – £27.00;

    • American style fridge 150kg+ – £50.00;

    • PC monitors £6.00;

    • Television set £14.00;

    • Laptop £6.00;

    The opening hours are:

    Monday to Saturday 

    08:00 – 18:00 (last entry 17:45)


    08:00 – 16:00 (last entry 15:45)

    Recycling milk cartons

    The site is now able to accept the new IOM Creamery milk cartons; working with IOM Creamery and Mann Waste Recycling, there will be a dedicated recycle bin for the cartons to be deposited into.

    Note that the carton must be rinsed out and folded with the bottle top left on.

    As this recycle scheme is not part of the Douglas Council or Braddan Commissioners kerbside service, the milk cartons cannot be placed in the blue recycle boxes that you may have at home and must be brought to the site.

    For more information about the Eastern Household Recycling Centre, please see their website

Byelaw enforcement

  • Community Warden

    Our Community Warden Paul Parker is primarily employed to enforce the Byelaws, however the role encompasses a raft of other duties which improve and maintain the quality of life for residents of the parish.  If you have an issue which affects your day to day life, get in touch with Paul.

    View the Byelaws

    Should you wish to discuss in confidence any issues that may affect you, Paul is contactable at the Commissioners’ Office on 852808/415666 or by email at

    Anti-Social Behaviour and Nuisance complaints

    If you are suffering as a result of anti-social behaviour or nuisance issues, please report the matter to the Community Warden.

    Trees and high hedges

    The Government has produced regulations about High Hedges and has issued guidance to help Local Authorities to deal with complaints about them.  The law makes provision for Local Authorities to determine complaints by owners/occupiers of domestic properties adversely affected by evergreen hedges, trees or shrubs over 2 metres high.  For more information please see the Isle of Man Government Website

    Dog Byelaws

    The Braddan Dog Control Byelaws 2009 prohibit the walking of dogs in certain parks and open spaces in the parish.  They also allow the enforcement of fixed penalty notices for not picking up after your Dog.  If you witness an incident of dog fouling please report it to the Community Warden.


  • Hedges, verges & weeds

    The authority is responsible for the cutting of verges and hedges on roads and pavements around the Parish, and the control of weeds on pavements. Please report any overgrown areas which are interfering with safe use of the pavements or highways.

  • Gullies

    The authority is responsible for maintaining the gully pots throughout the parish. Please report any blocked gullies to the Commissioners’ office, giving exact locations wherever possible.

  • Street lighting

    The authority has 574 street lamps throughout the Parish, which are maintained by the MUA on our behalf. If you notice a problem with any of the lamps or columns please make a note of the column number and location and report it to the Commissioners’ Office.

  • Abandoned vehicles

    If you believe a vehicle has been abandoned contact the Commissioner’s office giving the make, model, registration number and the exact location of the vehicle.

  • Street traders licences

    If you wish to sell goods or services from any street or open space within Braddan you must apply for a Street Traders Licence. For more information, please see the Street Traders’ Licence Application Form.

  • Car parks

    The authority’s car parks are located at the following locations

    • Union Mills Post Office
    • Maitland Terrace (next to the entrance to Corlett Son’s & Cowley’s Yard for the users of the Memorial Hall)
    • Close Corran (behind the Commissioners’ Office)
    • Heritage Trail – located near the former sewage treatment works and reached via Snugborough Avenue
    • Port Soderick Hall